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Vision C Update V.

  The update includes: Disabling the permission for operator to change Device address and decimal log file generation for improved QC and bug resolutions and support

Vision C Enthusiast Edition

 We are glad to announce Vision C Enthusiast Edition! This edition of Vision C will get the latest features, be it stable or unstable 😉. It will allow us to iterate and make changes to stabilize the features and improvements before they hit the native Edition. It will also allow us some room to correct bugs you know just in case! The enthusiast edition can be downloaded from the Vision C page   We can't wait to have you using Enthusiast Edition!

Nandan Shukla featuring on MyStartupLife blog

Hello Community! We are delighted to announce that our founder was recently featured on a reputed blog. You can read the blog on MyStartupLife at Also check out their other stories on: ~ Team Dicot

Vision C Update - Feature Update

The update includes: Unable to save recipe bug solved Recipe Start and Stop control added to recipe Auto loading last used and saved recipe added Running recipe name displayed (Only for saved recipe) Minor optimization

Vision C Update - Feature Update

The update includes: Aibus communication stability and speed increased Recipe for Aibus (Beta Feature) Overall optimization of software Known bugs in this update: No known bugs

Nandan Shukla got featured on My Startup TV youtube channel

 Hello Community! Our Founder and CEO got featured in an interview on MyStartupTV youtube channel. Here it goes: Thanks for watching, and don't forget to press the like button! - Team Dicot

Vision C update v2.1.15.99

 The update includes: Modbus Stability changes - old issue of repeat address bug solved Known bugs in this update: No known bugs

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Vision C Enthusiast Edition

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