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Vision C Update

  The update includes: Feature Update: Record upto 2 extra parameters per display, on modbus devices. Feature Update: Support for double word modbus with different data formats Feature Update: Support for Big and Little endian for modbus based devices Moving of device address and decimal point settings to development settings Modbus now supports upto 5 decimal places Minor bug fixing: refresh the developer settings for each device Major performance optimization in history History column filter now shows the column name New Refreshed Vision C logo Major performance enhancement in Modbus communication Known bugs: Freezes sometimes upon disconnection from modbus communication

VGraphic -Significant tool to analyse

  M easuring the changes happening in the industrial process is essential to identify the pattern of working of system over a period of time and accordingly contribute to the prediction of future. Analyzing from numerical data of massive-data instances, going through data of multiple rows line by line, has always been time-taking and exhausting job to do. We at DICOT took this problem into consideration and brought up an simple and efficient solution to it— VGraphic . VGraphic is a software designed by DICOT that generates detailed graphs out of data in CSV format. Data values of multiple datasets are plotted on a graph to compare the data of different set and track the performance of each dataset. VGraphic empowers the user to gain the insights of the data in clear and uncomplicated way with it’s inconceivable features. Some of its features are discussed below: Aids the user to fetch the CSV file from the system to the application with no pain. Just few clicks and use

Nandan Shukla featuring on MyStartupLife blog

Hello Community! We are delighted to announce that our founder was recently featured on a reputed blog. You can read the blog on MyStartupLife at Also check out their other stories on: ~ Team Dicot

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Vision C Enthusiast Edition

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VGraphic -Significant tool to analyse