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VGraphic -Significant tool to analyse


Measuring the changes happening in the industrial process is essential to identify the pattern of working of system over a period of time and accordingly contribute to the prediction of future. Analyzing from numerical data of massive-data instances, going through data of multiple rows line by line, has always been time-taking and exhausting job to do. We at DICOT took this problem into consideration and brought up an simple and efficient solution to it—VGraphic.

VGraphic is a software designed by DICOT that generates detailed graphs out of data in CSV format. Data values of multiple datasets are plotted on a graph to compare the data of different set and track the performance of each dataset. VGraphic empowers the user to gain the insights of the data in clear and uncomplicated way with it’s inconceivable features. Some of its features are discussed below:

  • Aids the user to fetch the CSV file from the system to the application with no pain. Just few clicks and user will instantly be able to interpret the graphical representation of the data in CSV files.

  • Simple and attractive graphic designs is what requires the most. VGraphic uses line graph as a perfect solution to display continuous data over a time period with different colored lines making comfortable for humans eyes to compare and clarify the data of multiple lines.

  • VGraphic facilitates the user with many other options to customize graph scale and labeling. Its flexible enough for the user to change the margin scale and labeling of the axis as per their requirement.

  • The only disadvantage of line graph is that plotting of too many lines makes the graph cluttered which becomes difficult for the user to interpret the data. But with VGraphic you can adjust the visibility of the multiple lines to compare or observe trends of particular segment of the graph on the same scale.

  • The best part of VGraphic is that it gives access to the user to print the graph or save the graph in PNG or PDF format for any future use.

Visualization of data eases the process of observing trends and general behavior of the industrial processes. 

Graphical representation displays an overview of the relationships with the data points, variables and time frames. Human visual system is effective in learning the changes in the picturization seamlessly. VGraphic enables the user to learn the data at a glance and make quick, data-driven decision.

Analyze your industrial process effortlessly with VGraphic by your side.


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